Give a Little. Change a Lot.

The Sherbro Island Project (based in Bonthe Town, Sherbro Island) is a pioneering project of compassion.
The project aims to help address the unacceptable level of poverty and its repercussions that continue to affect the most vulnerable and underprivileged groups, such as the Sherbro Islanders, in Sierra Leone.
We aim to serve every vulnerable and less privileged community, specifically in Sierra Leone; it is a project with no boundaries; it has no regard for ethnicity, tribe, religion, gender, and disability.

The issue

It is now almost two decades ago since the brutal civil war in Sierra Leone ended. Although the war’s effects may reside in distant memories, the physical, psychological, and emotional scars are still present in some communities.
The war left a legacy of a heightened level of poverty. Sierra Leone is among the poorest countries in the world; In rural communities, especially, the effects are apparent

How can we address these issues?

We rely on volunteers and donors to help us implement the work we do.
More than ever before, education is now vital to a country’s development. Hence, a country where a high level of children drops out of school will be challenging to develop. Education gives the world significant benefits: mobile phones, aeroplanes, antibiotics (to name but a few). Education makes us understand the workings of the technologies that surround us. The more our understanding, the better we can apply it to benefit the educated and the whole world. With the emphasis on the underprivileged, we will work tirelessly to help children stay in school by mainly 

Biggest Goals

Our main focus is providing basic needs for children- water, food, clothes, home, and education.  See how we do it:

Food Supplies


Goal: $5000

Raised: $3900



Goal: $5000

Raised: $5000



Goal: $10000

Raised: $9600

Your Support Means a Lot

We welcome financial donations .
We also appreciate the following donations:
education materials (pens, pencils, notebooks, textbooks, smart/electronic boards, computers
clothes, shoes, toys and much more

Nothing is too little or small to give